PRE-CARE Shave & exfoliate ~24 hours prior to appointment. Please do not wear lotion or deodorant to your appointment. Wear dark, loose fitting clothes to and from your appointment.  

POST-CARE Allow solution to process 6-8 hours prior to showering. 




PRE-CARE Please come to your appointment with clean, bare lashes! No makeup/mascara.  This will allow your lash artist to maximize her time applying your lashes!

POST-CARE Do not get lashes wet for first 24 hours. Be sure to clean lashes with lash shampoo & brush as needed. Try not to wear any mascara in between appointments. 




PRE-CARE Please come to your appointment with clean skin (no lotion). For best results exfoliate the day before. Do not consume any alcohol/caffeine before your appointment. Keep in mind that your hormones & menstrual cycle may affect your sensitivity.  

POST-CARE Do not exercise, swim, sunbathe or go in a sauna for at least 48 hours after your appointment. Do not shave between waxing sessions.



PRE-CARE Do not use Retinols within 5-7 days of your scheduled peel.  

POST-CARE Do not wash face for at least 4 hours post-peel.  Follow PCA post-procedure kit instructions.  Wash with cool water & be diligent about applying SPF. Avoid strenuous workouts/sweating.  Do not over exfoliate or pick at the skin.  Downtime may vary, but allow for 5-10 days for the skin to fully shed.  


PRE-CARE Avoid direct UV light and/or medications that make you more sensitive to UV light ~4-7 days prior to your treatment.  Please contact us directly with any questions! 

POST-CARE Immediately post-treatment, skin may look/feel as though you have a light sunburn.  You can expect hyperpigmentation to rise to the surface & appear darker prior to shedding away.  Be sure to wash treated area with a gentle cleanser & apply SPF daily.  


PRE-CARE Shave desired LHR area ~24 hours prior to your appointment. Please do not wear lotion or deodorant to your appointment!

POST-CARE Gently cleanse the treated area, and then continue to keep the area clean & dry.  Avoid heavy lotions & deodorant until any irritation subsides.  Do not pick, wax, or tweeze treatment area.  Try to avoid direct sun & be sure to use SPF 25 or above.