Lash & Brow Services 

Lash sets & refills - *see below 
Lash lift & tint - $95
Lash tint only - $25

Brow wax - $20
Brow tint only - $20
Henna brow tint & wax - $70 
Brow Lamination - $75
Brow Lamination + wax/tint - $100

Lash Extension Pricing


    Full Set- Classic $100     

 Fill- Classic (1 Week) $30

 Fill-Classic (2 Week)  $45

  Fill-Classic (3 Week) $60


Full Set- Hybrid $115

Fill- Hybrid (1 Week) $40

 Fill- Hybrid (2 Week)  $55

 Fill-Hybrid (3 Week) $70

Full Set- Volume $125

Fill-Volume (1 Week) $50

 Fill- Volume (2 Week) $65

 Fill- Volume (3 Week) $80

*40% of lashes must be present for a fill, otherwise service will be treated as a new set*

Eyelash Extensions are virtually weightless, semi-permanent, synthetic polyester eyelashes curved to replicate the natural eyelash. They are applied individually to your lashes one at a time for a natural look that varies from elegant to glamorous, depending on the volume.
They add fullness without damaging your existing lashes. In fact, the strong eyelash bond we use to adhere extensions to your own lashes actually protects them from wear and tear and optimizes the growth of your natural lashes!
We’ll customize your extensions to accentuate your face, features and style.

Transform your looks from ordinary to dramatic with thick, long, luxurious eyelash extensions from Remedi Wellness & Spa!



"Like having flawlessly applied mascara, 24 hours a day, without the mess, clumping and irritation!"